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Recreational or party drugs can harm your health and the effects can be harmful for both the short and longer term.

The use of ecstasy, crystal/ice and other types of amphetamines may cause dangerous, even fatal interactions with some types of HIV treatments (Ritonavir and possibly other protease inhibitors), as the HIV drugs slow down the body’s elimination of recreational drugs.

Some drugs interact with HIV treatments, leading to treatments that don’t work as well or have worse side effects.

Using ecstasy, crystal/ice and other types of amphetamines and other party drugs is likely to further suppress your immune system, making it more difficult for your body to fight off disease. Heavy drinking can further suppress your immune system and may slow down your recovery from infections.

In addition to the drugs, the partying lifestyle, itself, can weaken your immune system. Staying up for long periods of time, not eating enough, or not eating the right foods can damage the immune system of any person, even if they are in great health.

Amphetamines and ecstasy can also make eating difficult, which can be a problem for people who need to take treatments with food.

Heavy alcohol use can also have potentially serious consequences for people taking HIV medications and may affect how well you adhere to your HIV medications.

What you can do to live well

What you can do to live well Consider reducing your usage of recreational drugs and alcohol.
What you can do to live well

Avoid taking HIV treatments and other drugs at exactly the same time: Wait at least a couple of hours between doses.

Start with a smaller amount of any illicit drug and monitor any unusual responses.

What you can do to live well

Drink plenty of water.

What you can do to live well Seek emergency medical help if you experience dizziness, sudden drowsiness, blurred vision, heart palpitations, vomiting or any other severe or unexpected effect.