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Staying social can make a big difference in how you can handle things. Maintaining contact with other people, especially those you have a particular connection with can be very important. Getting out-and-about and interacting with others helps maintain social skills, keeps you mentally healthy and active. Relationships with friends and lovers provide companionship, support and someone to share life’s ups and downs with.

Although living alone can be challenging for some, others enjoy the freedom to do as they please. For those who choose not to be alone, sharing with a partner or friend can be a supportive and cost-effective option. Taking in lodgers can also be an option for those with a spare room. Advantages in both cases include shared living expenses, enlarged friendship networks and options for support and entertainment.

Enjoy your home by caring for it. Make it a refuge and an enjoyable haven. The more you care about your home, the more you will feel able to share it with others.

Family can be a difficult balancing act. The acceptance, understanding and support they can offer can often be dependent on many factors including their knowledge and understanding of HIV. Getting support, acceptance and understanding from family members can take time and effort, but might be worth it in the end.

What you can do to live well:

What you can do to live well

Make an effort to keep in touch with people that make you feel good.
Keeping in contact with other positive people who you can share your experiences with can be a big help.

Call a friend and invite them over for a visit.
The more you invite people, the more likely you are to be invited to others’ events. Invite them over for a meal. Watch a movie together or go for a walk. Maybe organise a holiday or trip together. Friendships need attention or they can drift away.

What you can do to live well

Create a nice home
Make your home comfortable and inviting for you and your inner circle.

Establish and tend a garden
No matter whether a rambling allotment or on a balcony or roof top, a garden provides an opportunity for creativity and exercise, and lots of satisfaction as your hard work bears fruit.

What you can do to live well

Get a pet.
Dogs are a great addition to your life because they require your care and can literally make you get out of bed in the morning. Walking the dog has benefits too, providing exercise and the opportunity to meet other dog walkers in your neighbourhood.

What you can do to live well

Become a volunteer in an area that interests you.

Meet new people.
Need help with meeting people? AIDS councils or PLHIV organisations can help you with practical activities that include workshops and social events. The Events page on this website may also be of help.

Join a common interest group
Group activities give you the chance to pursue your interest with like-minded people.