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Whether you are recently diagnosed, or have been living with HIV for a number of years, connecting with other people with HIV can be a great source of support, and can be done in a variety of ways.

Peer Support programs can not only provide you with information about living with HIV, but also offer a range of social and practical support. Peers will often understand the challenges and experiences that you may be going through because they have experienced those challenges themselves. Through the sharing of this lived experience, peers are able to provide a type of support that you may not get from others in your life.

For people newly diagnosed with HIV, connection with other people with HIV through this time can be very valuable. A new diagnosis will mean different things for different people, and it’s not uncommon to experience a range of emotions within a short period of time. Connecting with others who have recently been through a similar experience provides you an opportunity to ask questions and learn from their experiences.

Many organisations offer workshops, groups and events for people living with HIV that provide a safe and supportive environment where key topics about living with HIV are explored with other HIV-positive people. Some organisations also offer one-on-one peer support services.

You can visit the Contacts and Support Services page to search for organisations that offer peer support and education services in your area.